Beat HIV


Community Advisory Board



Our vision is a world where HIV and AIDS research meaningfully involves impacted communities, is collaboratively created, and openly shared.



As a Philadelphia-based HIV Cure Research Community Advisory Board, our mission is to:

  • Integrate community involvement in HIV and AIDS cure-related research and clinical trials
  • Serve as a bridge community to provide input and feedback to BEAT-HIV projects
  • Foster and maintain communication and partnerships with project researchers in order to promote transparency and disseminate findings in HIV cure research to our communities

If you would like to learn more about the CAB, please contact Amy M. Onorato at, or 215-746-7352.

Community Engagement Group


Front Row (left to right):  Steven Johnson (Chair), William Carter (Co-Chair), Andrea Lamour-Harrington, Christopher Roebuck, Christine Dannaway, Daiquiri Robinson
Second Row (left to right): Marcus Hill, Nora Jones, Roy Hayes, Beth Peterson
Third Row (left to right):  Luis J. Montaner, James L. Riley, David S. Metzger, Amy Onorato, Karine Dubé, Evon Burton

Our engagement and outreach efforts are built on the Community Engagement Group (CEG) model, a unique partnership among the BEAT-HIV CAB, Philadelphia FIGHT, Wistar Institute and the University of Pennsylvania. Key goals of the CEG include developing meaningful and relevant community education tools and advancing community engagement in HIV cure research. We harness the perspectives of PLWHA, researchers/providers, and key stakeholders involved in advancing the search for a cure. The CEG features those on the front lines with the aim of demystifying the process of HIV cure-directed research for all. The CEG stresses the critical importance of an equal partnership between people living with HIV, researchers, providers, and community-based organizations.