Beat HIV

HIV Cure Research Education Video Series

The HIV Cure Research Education Video Series is a first-of-its-kind view of the people in Philadelphia moving towards an HIV cure. The series features those on the front lines and aims to demystify the process of HIV cure research. It stresses the critical importance of an equal partnership between people living with HIV, researchers, and providers.

Video Descriptive Summaries:

GAME CHANGERS. Describes who and what is behind an HIV cure-directed study. Community, providers, case managers, and researchers come together to explain what to expect.

THE TOP TEN. Reviews the top 10 items you should be aware of (and ask about) if considering joining a cure-directed study.

The Art of A.T.I. Discusses what is an analytical treatment interruption (ATI) and why it is included in cure-directed studies.

Time. Commitment. Researchers and persons who have participated in recent studies discuss what it takes to finish a clinical trial.

Trailer Descriptive Summaries:

TRAILER: HIV Cure Education Series Summary. One minute summary/overview of the content of the 4 videos in series.

TRAILER: GAME CHANGERS. Statement by Ms. China White on why to participate in and support HIV cure-related studies.

TRAILER: The Art of A.T.I. Statement by Dr. Karam Mounzer on why cure-directed studies include treatment interruption.

TRAILER: Time. Commitment. Statement by Ms. Daiquiri Robinson on what to expect if you join a cure-directed study.