Beat HIV


HIV Cure Research Education Video Series

The HIV Cure Research Education Video Series is a first-of-its-kind view of the people in Philadelphia moving towards an HIV cure. The series features those on the front lines and aims to demystify the process of HIV cure research. It[...]

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Community Voices

In our series “Community Voices for HIV Cure,” supporters of the BEAT-HIV’s research speak about their personal experience and the importance of getting involved.[...]

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Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board   Vision Our vision is a world where HIV and AIDS research meaningfully involves impacted communities, is collaboratively created, and openly shared.   Mission As a Philadelphia-based HIV Cure Research Community Advisory Board, our mission is to:[...]

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Community Outreach

In partnership with the BEAT-HIV Community Advisory Board, Philadelphia FIGHT leads the Community Outreach efforts in Philadelphia for the BEAT-HIV Collaboratory. Through its educational programming, including Project TEACH, TEACH Outside, AIDS Education Month, the Community Health Training Alliance, as well[...]

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