Beat HIV

Videos for the Community

Members of BEAT-HIV are committed to ensuring that PLWHIV and our constituent communities have a voice in the work that we do and are provided with HIV cure-directed education that is both relatable and accessible. To that end, two groups of videos have been created.

The HIV Cure Research Video Series was created out of a need to deliver accurate, community-centered information describing key messages that the BEAT-HIV CAB felt it was critical to highlight for anyone interested in HIV cure-directed research.

Community Voices for HIV Cure features testimonials given at annual meetings of the BEAT-HIV Collaboratory, along with other community-focused content. The selected testimonials highlight the perspective of PLWHIV and centers our yearly gathering of the scientific members of our Collaboratory by giving a face to individuals and communities most directly impacted by the research presented.

HIV Cure Research Education Video Series

Community Voices